The Wyoming House of Representatives is the lower house of the Wyoming State Legislature. There are 60 Representatives in the House, representing an equal number of single-member constituent districts across the state, each with a population of at least 9,000. The House convenes at the Wyoming State Capitol in Cheyenne.

Members of the House serve two year terms without term limits.[3] Term limits were declared unconstitutional by the Wyoming Supreme Court in 2004, overturning a decade-old law that had restricted Representatives to six terms (twelve years).[4]

The current Speaker of the House is Eric Barlow.

Composition of the House of Representatives


(Shading indicates majority caucus)
End of the 59th Legislature431700600
End of the 60th Legislature411900600
End of the 61st Legislature501000600
End of the 62nd Legislature52800600
End of the 63rd Legislature51900600
December 23, 2016[5]50591
January 4, 2017[6]51600
Beginning of the 64th Legislature51900600
May 15, 2017[7]50591
June 5, 2017[8]51600
September 14, 2017[9]50601
October 13, 2017[10]51600
End of the 65th Legislature50901600
Beginning of the 66th Legislature51711600
Latest voting share85%12%2%2%


Speaker of the HouseEric BarlowRep3
Majority LeaderAlbert SommersRep20
Speaker pro temporeMike GreearRep27
Majority WhipJared OlsenRep11
Minority LeaderCathy ConnollyDem13
Minority WhipAndi LeBeauDem33
Minority Caucus ChairmanMike YinDem16

Members of the Wyoming House of Representatives

Map of current districts, colored by sitting representative’s party

DistrictRepresentativePartyResidenceCounties Represented
1Chip NeimanRepHulettCrook, Weston
2J.D WilliamsRepNewcastleConverse, Goshen, Niobrara, Weston
3Eric BarlowRepGilletteConverse, Campbell
4Jeremy HaroldsonRepWheatlandPlatte
5Shelly DuncanRepLingleGoshen, Platte
6Aaron ClausenRepDouglasConverse
7Sue WilsonRepCheyenneLaramie
8Bob NicholasRepCheyenneLaramie
9Landon BrownRepCheyenneLaramie
10John Eklund Jr.RepCheyenneLaramie
11Jared OlsenRepCheyenneLaramie
12Clarence StyvarRepCheyenneLaramie
13Cathy ConnollyDemLaramieAlbany
14Trey SherwoodDemLaramieAlbany
15Donald BurkhartRepRawlinsCarbon
16Mike YinDemJacksonTeton
17Chad BanksDemRock SpringsSweetwater
18Scott HeinerRepGreen RiverSweetwater, Uinta
19Danny EyreRepLymanUinta
20Albert SommersRepPinedaleSublette
21Evan SimpsonRepAftonLincoln
22Jim RoscoeIndWilsonLincoln, Sublette, Teton
23Andy SchwartzDemJacksonTeton
24Sandy NewsomeRepCodyPark
25Dan LaursenRepPowellPark
26Jamie FlitnerRepGreybullBig Horn, Park
27Mike GreearRepWorlandWashakie
28John WinterRepThermopolisBig Horn, Hot Springs, Park, Fremont
29Mark KinnerRepSheridanSheridan
30Mark JenningsRepSheridanSheridan
31John BearRepGilletteCampbell
32Timothy HallinanRepGilletteCampbell
33Andi LeBeauDemRivertonFremont
34Pepper OttmanRepRivertonFremont
35Joe MacGuireRepCasperNatrona
36Art WashutRepCasperNatrona
37Steve HarshmanRepCasperNatrona
38Tom WaltersRepCasperNatrona
39Marshall BurtLibGreen RiverSweetwater
40Barry CragoRepBuffaloJohnson, Sheridan
41Bill HendersonRepCheyenneLaramie
42Jim BlackburnRepCheyenneLaramie
43Dan ZwonitzerRepCheyenneLaramie
44John Romero-MartinezRepCheyenneLaramie
45Karlee ProvenzaDemLaramieAlbany
46Ocean AndrewRepLaramieAlbany
47Jerry PaxtonRepEncampmentAlbany, Carbon, Sweetwater
48Clark StithRepRock SpringsSweetwater
49Robert WharffRepEvanstonUinta
50Rachel Rodriguez-WilliamsRepCodyPark
51Cyrus WesternRepSheridanSheridan
52Bill FortnerRepGilletteCampbell
53Chris KnappRepGilletteCampbell
54Lloyd LarsenRepLanderFremont
55Ember OakleyRepRivertonFremont
56Jerry ObermuellerRepCasperNatrona
57Chuck GrayRepCasperNatrona
58Pat SweeneyRepCasperNatrona
59Kevin O’HearnRepMillsNatrona
60Mark BakerRepGreen RiverSweetwater

Past composition of the House of Representatives

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